A change will be coming along Wyatt Earp Boulevard that some may have already noticed.

A&W Drive-In and Long John Silvers will be merging under one roof at 911 W. Wyatt Earp Blvd.

"Merger talks started late last year," owner Eric Estes with Estes Enterprises Inc.

The company owns both franchises.

"We decided it would be a lot easier to have one restaurant location, one team to operate both brands.

"If you travel across the country you see a lot of dual brands put together."

Estes added that they found both the A&W and the Long John Silvers brands work well as a multi-brand concept.

"It allows for guests to pick and choose their favorite menu items from two menus and mix and match in one restaurant visit," Estes said. "So for example a family will be able to order a Papa Burger with an A&W root beer float in a frosty mug as well as a popular chicken an more meal off of the Long John Silvers menu in one transaction."

The decision on which location would best benefit the dual restaurants came rather easy for Estes and his company.

"The A&W Drive-In on Fourteenth Avenue was built as a drive-in and would be a massive project to make room for the LJS brand," he said.

"So the restaurant on Wyatt Earp was selected to be the new multi-brand restaurant.

"The last day of operation for the A&W Drive-In on Fourteenth Avenue will be Saturday Feb. 18 and A&W is planned to re-open on Wyatt Earp Blvd on Thursday Feb. 23.

"The existing team members of both A&W and LJS will cross-train and the store will hire an additional 10 employees for a total of 32 employees for the new store.

"We will keep our fans posted on the opening schedule on our local A&W Facebook page as well.

"As customary to our Estes Enterprises Grand Openings, the first 100 guests on opening day will receive a free glass A&W Signature collectors mug."

Regarding the A&W on Fourteenth Avenue, the location is currently under contract with a non-food use retailer.

"As part of a confidentiality agreement at this point I can't say what the retailer is that will be going into the older location," Estes said. "As for the new location the renovation effort was a bit tasking as A&W required its own separate kitchen and equipment in order to properly execute such a vast menu variety.

"Our renovation includes plumbing, HVAC, parking lot, signage, exterior facade elements, seating and decor, communications and equipment.

"But being able to operate two full restaurants under one roof makes it great and it will help add another retailer to Dodge City."