Long Branch Lagoon is looking to add a poolside climbing wall and a pavilion/amphitheater.

Long Branch Lagoon is welcoming the community this summer with some new additions.

“We want to install a climbing wall,” parks and recreation director Paul Lewis said. “It’s a piece that will go in at the 50-meter pool. It’s about 9-foot wide by 9-foot tall and people can climb up it. The climbing side is on the water side, obviously, and people can climb up it and fall back into the water.”

Lewis believes that this new addition will be a big hit this summer.

“It’s just a climbing experience, and there’s multiple handles so you can take different routes and try different reaches that accommodates different-sized people,” Lewis stated. “It’s going to be a lot of fun. They’re going in a lot of different places and they’re quite popular.”

The second addition that Long Branch Lagoon is inquiring is an extra activity space.

“We’re looking at doing a pavilion or an amphitheater up in the northeast corner of the park,” said Lewis. “It will provide space for party rentals, corporate events, special activities and staff can use it for training opportunities. It can be the site for some special events that we do, kind of the launching point for different special activities that will go on at the facility.” 

Although these attractions are deemed new to Long Branch Lagoon, they have been anticipated since the water park opened in May, 2016.

“The additions were anticipated through the budget process that began last year when the city started putting budgets on the facility together,” Lewis explained. “We had to delay it a little bit. We really anticipated these attractions with the project initially, but we didn’t have money to get everything done at that time.”

Lewis anticipates the additions to be completed before the water park opens for the summer.

“The climbing wall will probably take a couple months, it will go in right before the summer. It’s pretty easy installation,” Lewis noted. “The pavilion, we hope to have the plans back next week and we’ll hope to start doing some of the grading and the slab work by the end of this month or early next month.”

After having an annual attendance of 80,000 people last summer when only 60,000 people were anticipated, Lewis claims that Long Branch Lagoon is looking to continue the success.

“We’re just continuing to move forward and just adding a couple things that will enhance the facility,” said Lewis. “We just want to keep adding things to make it fresh and exciting for the public.”

The lagoon opens for the summer on May 27. For more information on season passes, visit http://www.lblagoon.com/ or call the Long Branch Lagoon office at 620-225-8156.