Throughout social media and reported by news outlets across the country, plans for a "Day Without Immigrants" were set for Thursday.

The plan was that in protest of President Donald Trump's travel ban as well as building a wall between the US and Mexico, immigrants and children of immigrants were asked to not go to work and or school on Thursday.

All day long the hashtag #ADayWithoutImmigrants was trending on Twitter with users tagging information of businesses closing down or business owners allowing their employees to have the day off.

In Dodge City by late afternoon USD 443 information officer Yvonda Offerle reported that in all, 2,690 students did not attend school Thursday out of a possible 7,048.

By schools within the district, the absent totals were as follows: Beeson Elementary, 186; Central Elementary, 112; Linn Elementary, 123; Miller Elementary, 190; Northwest Elementary, 121; Ross Elementary, 143; Soule Elementary, 104; Sunnyside Elementary, 143; Wilroads Gardens Elementary, 34; Comanche Middle School, 261; Dodge City Middle School, 304; Bright Beginnings, 75; Alternative Education, 54 and Dodge City High School, 840.

The local businesses that reportedly closed in support of the protest were Premier Motors Auto, El Mexicano Auto, El Koritas Restaurant, Paleteria Rio Grande, Tacos Jalisco, Don Hector's restaurant and Freddy's Restaurant.

There were also reports that only two employees were working at Burger King on Wyatt Earp Boulevard, forcing the food chain to close its drive-thru for the day.

When asked about employee attendance at Cargill, Director of Communications Mike Martin said, "All of our plants are running this morning, including Dodge City.

"There was a slightly higher than average level of absenteeism this morning, so in a few plants we’ve had to slow up the production lines a bit."