Dodge City Community College has seen its share of drama in the past few years.

Now, the DCCC Board of Trustees is seeking answers — and details — about some "issues" discovered by the school’s business office.

"The business office noted some issues with use of college property and equipment and pointed them out," said Dodge City Community College attorney Glenn Kerbs. "At the special meeting last week, the board decided to hire Great Bend attorney Allen Glendenning to conduct an investigation.

"The college is comfortable with Allen because he’s worked as an attorney for the college’s insurance company."

No specific individual has been named in the investigation, but Glendenning admitted he is already working.

"I have been contracted by the college to look into things," the attorney said. "I can’t be specific as to details, what exactly I’m looking into or to whom I answer to."

Glendenning said he will be thorough, but discreet.

"In very general terms, the college has contracted with me to look through their books to determine if something happened or determine nothing happened," Glendenning said. "I have no idea how long it will take and I cannot release any more information at this time."

Dodge City Community College president Harold Nolte said part of the investigation is to make sure school officials are clear about the issues.

"We think we’ve got everything covered, but this is to make sure," Nolte said over the phone while out of town. "We did have some issues flagged by the business office and we just want to make sure we have everything covered, so we reached out.

"Things are good and we’re doing well, but this is to just make sure we’re good."

Nolte and Kerns also said there is no timetable set for conclusions of the investigation.

"He hasn’t given us a time frame, but I know he’s on the job," Kerbs said. "He started Monday."