The former Apria Healthcare facility near Sixth Avenue and Frontview Street is no more.

Recently purchased through an auction, business owner Bill Cunningham bought the property and has an idea of what he wants to do with it.

"We need another sit-in restaurant in north Dodge," Cunningham said on Wednesday. "We are still looking for prospects but I really want a sit-in or bar and grill with a franchise such as a Chili's or Old Chicago feel."

Demolition of the Apria building began on Tuesday with the clearing of the debris completed on Wednesday.

"Instead of a remodel we felt a complete demo was best to make the location more desirable," Cunningham said. "It is the right square footage on three acres that runs along Trinity Manor to the fence line near the Dodge City housing apartments.

"It could also have potential for retail as well with a strip center but at this time we have no prospects and are starting to get the word out.

"I don't want just any restaurant to go in so I will be very cautious on the selection process when that time comes."