Tornadoes, ice storms and now wildfires.

Kansans are used to dealing with Mother Nature on a big scale and, more importantly, helping each other after disaster strikes.

We have watched and run stories on multitudes of people and groups who have stepped up to support their families, friends, neighbors or community residents. It’s amazing how many people have stepped up for others.

It’s not just here in Ford County. While many of our local people are helping those in the county who need it, there are more going to Clark County. There are others going to the Hutchinson area. As wide and far-reaching as these wildfires stretched, that’s how far and wide the relief efforts are as well.

Service organizations such as Salvation Army, United Way, Red Cross and church groups are organizing quickly.

Businesses, like Cargill, are stepping in to help. Groups, such as Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Cattleman’s Association are doing good.

Volunteers have sent food, water, clothing, money, debit cards, fencing, hay, feed and other items needed by ranchers and families in the area.

It’s all appreciated and seen before.

It’s what Kansans do when other residents of the state are hurting. We are a resilient state and we take care of our own.

We often take some of Mother Nature’s temper tantrums and come out the other side. She may get violent, too hot or too cold, but she’s never been shy about hitting Kansas with whatever she wants to.

Thank God in Kansas, we appreciate all Mother Nature does for us, so we’ll deal with whatever she throws at us to enjoy all the good she provides.

To our fellow Kansans, we thank you all. Once again, some of us needed you and once again, you’ve answered the call brilliantly.