VenuWorks will be hosting their second annual Bridal and Special Occasions Expo on Sunday.

VenuWorks will be hosting their second annual Bridal and Special Occasions Expo at the Boot Hill Casino & Resort Conference Center on Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

This expo is free to the public and will have close to 40 vendors available. The vendors attending come from areas ranging from eastern and western Kansas to Texas and will offer gowns, jewelry, cosmetics, catering and much more.

In its first year in Dodge City, the bridal expo was held in the United Wireless Arena and welcomed around 700 people with more than 60 vendors.

“I don’t have as much booth space, so this year it was cut back a little bit more as far as vendors,” said organizer Nick Giannino. “We’re looking hopefully 500 to 700 people this year, if it were bigger that would be great.”

During the bridal expo, prizes will be handed out and caterers will provide menu samples.

“The city donated a free hour ride on the trolley, then we have a few vendors that are giving away bridal books and stuff like that,” said Giannino. “Some of them are still deciding on what to give.”

According to Giannino, the fashion show hosted by Bridal-N-Mor from Garden City was a hit last year. This year, Bridal-N-Mor will host the fashion show again and it will take place at 3 p.m.

“I’m really excited to have them back and to do it again,” said Giannino. “It’s nice to have them come out and showcase stuff, cause we don’t have much here as far as bridal wear so it’s kind of nice to get some outside comment.”

Giannino stated that this year will be easier on the vendors because it is on a day where there isn’t much going on.

“This year it’s a lot better since it’s on a Sunday and a lot of businesses are closed,” said Giannino. “It helps out a lot of people because they don’t have to close their business or anything like.”

According to Giannino, he heard a lot of positive feedback from people who attended last year’s bridal expo. 

“I know Dodge and Garden kind of go back and fourth and they have been for years and they haven’t really had a good show in a long time,” said Giannino. “They’re really glad that a venue like this can put on something at a grander scale and bring in people from all over so they don’t have to go as far.”

Giannino encourages anyone who has a wedding, prom, Quinceñera or any other special upcoming occasion to attend the bridal expo. For more information, contact the United Wireless Arena main office at 620-371-7390.

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