This past week’s devastating wildfires have left parts of Ford County and other counties in southwest Kansas scorched and burned, but amongst the ruble communities and people across the nation have banded together and sent aid to those in need.

Ford County is no exception and there are many local charities that you can give to. Ford County Extension is collaborating with Pride Ag Resources and BTI to collect donations to assist Ford County farmers and ranchers affected by wildfires with fencing supplies.

Monetary donations are being accepted at any Ford County Pride Ag location, fencing supplies can be purchased and designated for Ford County at Ace Hardware in Dodge City.  Materials can also be dropped off at BTI-Bucklin during regular business hours.  For more information, contact the Ford County Extension Office at 630-227-4542. It has been great to see people band together to help their neighbors in need. 


Andrea Renee Burns is the Ford County extension agent.