Wilroads Gardens hires Erica Teran for principal/instructional coach.

Wilroads Gardens hired a new principal/instructional coach.

Erica Teran, 35, will replace current Wilroads Gardens principal Kimberly Armstrong as she moves on to lead the students and staff of Northwest Elementary as their principal.

“Wilroads is a great school,” Teran said in a press release. “The instructional coach/principal position will allow me to continue to do what I love as well as guide and lead teachers to help students and identify their own personal teaching styles.”

Teran has lived in Dodge City since 1995 when she was a 5th grader. She graduated from Dodge City High School, then Dodge City Community College before receiving her bachelor’s degree from Newman University. She currently serves as the instructional coach for both middle schools with an emphasis on math.

“I was a student teacher in 2004, and was then hired to take over a classroom in January of 2005,” she said in a press release. “I was at Comanche Intermediate Center for 8 years until it became a middle school. At that point, I became an instructional coach at both Comanche Middle School and Dodge City Middle School, and have been in this position until now.”

Teran applied for the position at Wilroads Gardens after deciding that she wanted to utilize her master’s degree in educational leadership.

“I got my masters through K-State, and I knew that eventually it was a step that I would like to take,” said Teran. “When the position became available, I felt like it was something that I would enjoy doing, and so I went ahead and applied. I felt like if it was meant to be it would be, and it happened.”

Teran is currently married with two children who attend Dodge City Public Schools.

According to assistant superintendent of elementary education Tami Knedler, Teran is a great fit for the students and staff of Wilroads Gardens.

“We are excited to bring Erica onto the elementary principal/coach team,” Knedler said in a press release. “She brings great experience in curriculum, instruction, family support, student engagement and powerful leadership skills.”

Teran stated that although the small community at Wilroads is sometimes overlooked, it has a lot to offer. This is one thing she is excited about.

“I’ve always known about Wilroads, and I really like how it’s a small community kind of within itself,” she said. “I look forward to building those relationships with families out at Wilroads, I know it’s a pretty close group of people out there, so just getting to know the kids and seeing them grow up is something I look forward to.”

Wilroads Gardens is located on the outskirts of town by Lariat Way and Fort Dodge.

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