BestWater has a new kiosk location.

BestWater of southwest Kansas has been providing quality water to the Dodge City community for nearly 25 years.

This business offers a unique filtration system that can be installed in a home or office. They also have vending machines at their store location, Tortilliearia Madero and the Dodge City Farmer’s Market.

Recently, BestWater owners Bev and Gary Stein decided to expand their business by placing a 24-hour accessible kiosk at 1701 North 14th Ave, just south of Walgreens.

“This kiosk is something brand new for us. It offers purified water and ice,” said Bev. “We wanted to have a little more easy access for the community and our customers, and we’ve heard many positive comments about the location. It is a high traffic area because of people going to and from school or the grocery store or whatever.”

BestWater purifies their water through a four-step process.

“We use carbon filtration to take out chlorine and taste and odors, then use water softeners to take out all the hard minerals and everything,” said Gary. “Then, with the reverse osmosis system to help clean up the water, we take out the nitrates, the herbicides, the pesticides and the other dissolved solids in the water, that way when they drink the water it’s good, crystal clear ice and water.

“We also sanitize through the ultralight process as well as ozone to kill bacteria, cysts and things like that,” he added.

According to Bev and Gary, BestWater provides the cleanest water in Dodge City by using this filtration system.

“It is something that takes a little bit of maintenance and awareness of what to do to continue provide high quality water, so it’s not just something anybody could come in and do,” said Bev. “We are very proud of the look of the unit and the ease of use for the client.”

According to Gary and Bev, this kiosk provides more for your money and at a lower cost. Water is priced at $0.30 a gallon or $1.50 for five gallons and a 10 pound bag of ice costs $1.25.

The water provided by this kiosk is chilled around 45 to 50 degrees and is constantly maintained. According to Gary, their water and ice is perfect summer time activities.

“A lot of people like ice for their ice chest and cooling down beverages for their tea and water, especially during the summer time when they want good quality ice,” he said. “They don’t want the ‘floaties’ and we don’t have that in ours, we take the ‘floaties’ out.”

Gary stated that they are in the process of establishing two more BestWater kiosk locations, one by Waters True Value and one by G & G. They hope to have both locations established and in service by summer time.

“We know it will be successful, it’s already been successful and it’s only been two months,” said Gary. “People are using a lot of ice and a lot of water even in the cooler parts of the season, so it will be even more successful with the warmer season.”

BestWater is located at 2104 East Wyatt Earp Blvd. For more information, contact Gary and Bev at 620-225-7338.

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