The Western State Expo Center will receive four new fans.

The Western State Expo Center will soon be receiving some big additions to the facility.

On Monday, the Expo Center received approval on two oscillating fans and two airflow fans at the county commission meeting.

According to Expo Center manager Danielle Crouch, the two oscillating fans will go on the northwest and southwest corners of the Expo Center where cattle come in and leave the facility.

“Those (corners) are pretty dead as far as airflow,” said Crouch. “These will be mounted on a beam to make air movement in there just to make everybody there more comfortable, cause once you add 20 to 30 head of cattle plus more people, it gets kind of warm in there.”

Crouch explained that the two airflow fans they bid on are similar to the 24-foot fans on the expo portion of the facility.

“We did receive two bids back, one from Pruitt Electric and one from the company Big Ass Fans. My recommendation is to go with the company Big Ass Fans,” said Crouch. “The two oscillating fans will be a total of $6,332, and the two 24-foot airflow fans will be a total of $27,985.”

Crouch noted that Big Ass Fans will do all of the installation with the exception of electrical additions, which will be taken care of by representatives from Simplex Grinnell.

Commissioner Chris Boys questioned Crouch on whether the fans come with warranty and expressed concern about the debris and dirt. She informed him that they do have warranty and she believes it is for 15 years.

“These fans have room for a heavy casing just for that reason, so we don’t have to worry about the dust,” said Crouch.

Commissioner Ken Snook then asked Crouch where exactly the fans would be going.

“The airflow fans will be set just to the east of the first overhead door, so when they’re on they’re actually going to push air to all corners and then plus to the bleachers,” said Crouch. “The oscillating fans are mounted. Depending on the brackets, they’ll either be mounted right above the arena in the corner or it will be mounted on a beam on the side in the far west. Those are adjustable and we can move those at a later date if we don’t like where they’re at.”

Snook then asked Crouch if it would assist in keeping heat in during the winter months, and she informed him that it would.

“I’ve visited several times with the representative from the company to discuss how that area is used with the variety of events, whether it’s the arena events or just other activities that go on out there,” said Crouch. “Some of the issues that we deal with are dust and wind that comes into the building when doors are open, so safety was a huge concern. Plus moisture, we had a lot of moisture in that area during the winter months.”

Boys and Snook both voted to approve the bids while commissioner Shawn Tasset voted against it. The total cost of the fans came to a total of $34,317.

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