McDonalds will be closed for 90 days.

Sonic is nearing its final phases of construction, which means that its neighboring restaurant, McDonalds, will be closing down to begin renovations as intended.

On Thursday, owners Jamie and Kelsey Kuehl announced on the McDonald’s, Wyatt Earp Facebook page that they would be officially closing the facility on Friday at 10 p.m. to begin the construction process.

“We will close the store for demolition that will start on Monday,” the post read. “After leveling the building, we will be creating a brand-new restaurant. The entire construction process will take approximately 90 days. We have some exciting plans in store that we know you will love and we can’t wait to show you.”

As McDonalds moves forward with this process, many question what will happen with the historic stagecoach that sits in the middle of the restaurant. The Kuehl’s addressed this on the Facebook post and assured the public that the stagecoach would remain in Dodge City.

“It might just be a building to some, but we know how much the stagecoach and this restaurant has meant to so many of you over the last 40 plus years,” the post read. “Believe us when we say, as we build your new McDonald’s, we want to create a place that incorporates Dodge City and its history as well as yours.

“We want you to know that we are donating (the stagecoach) to your Boot Hill Museum. We understand how much this stagecoach means to some, so we want to keep the legend of the stagecoach alive and well.”

After sharing the news on Facebook, many who grew up in Dodge City recalled some fond memories they held within that facility.

“That stage coach was the best. I used to go there as a kid with my grandma so she could have coffee time with her friends,” said DC native Callie Brady. “I think I remember attending a birthday party there, it is sad that the coach won't be a part of the new location. It is nice that it's going to Boot Hill and not just being disposed of.”

The owner’s urged the public to visit the McDonalds located at 2613 Central Avenue while the Wyatt Earp location is in the construction process.

“Our entire team of crew and managers will be moving up there for the summer,” the Kuehl’s said. “They are looking forward to serving you, so please make sure you give them lots of love as they anxiously await a well-deserved new restaurant.”

McDonalds has been home to many fond memories for people living in or visiting Dodge City. The Kuehl’s expressed their gratitude toward the public for all of the support since they moved here 2 years ago.

“Dodge City has been a wonderful community to our family and have made us proud to call Dodge City our home,” they said. “Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your memories, we can’t wait to create the next 40 years with you.”

For more information or to follow along with the construction process, visit the McDonalds, Wyatt Earp Facebook page at

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