BHC Rhodes unveiled design plans to the community Tuesday evening at city hall.

The plans are to be the widening of Central Avenue from Vine Street to Comanche Street making it into two driving lanes with two-way traffic.

"A public meeting was held October 5 of last year to present preliminary schematic design ideas," said director of engineering Ray Slattery. "From that public meeting, they incorporated suggestions into the design."

Slattery added that the construction will be done in sections from Vine Street to Comanche Street with plans for Cedar Street to Wyatt Earp Boulevard coming later.

"The Cedar Street to Wyatt Earp will be more of a master plan for the downtown area," he said. "We will put one block of brick down as part of the historical area.

"The design will be similar to the Trail Street Reconstruction but it will be much wider with the street being 12-foot with 9 feet of parking on both sides as well as 5-foot of sidewalks on both sides."

Slattery also said a survey was done on the area and the results were the widening of Central Avenue would increase mobility throughout Dodge City and would eliminate "wrong way" issues.

"We also hired a landscape architect regarding the trees," Slattery said. "Some of the trees on Central will need removed and the ice storm in January didn't help us much but there will be replanting with different species that will also add different colors to the area."

The plans are to put out the construction to bid by late summer with construction beginning in spring 2018.

"The project would take about 14-16 months to complete," Slattery said.