School is out, or soon will be, throughout southwest Kansas.

This means many more children outside and the need for Kansas motorists to be aware while driving.

Summer months are warmer and children enjoy playing outside — throwing balls back and forth, playing soccer or tag, just enjoying a warm Kansas afternoon.

However children often don’t think to stop and look both ways before crossing a street, especially if their soccer ball is bouncing in the roadway.

We encourage everyone to be aware — especially in neighborhoods — to be on the lookout for children running into the street or alley. It’s on us to be aware because children often aren’t. Their one thought seems to be getting the toy that’s gotten away, not worry about automobiles.

Slow down in residential areas. Keep an eye out for children. Understand with no school and warmer temperatures, more of them will be out and playing.

Children often don’t think too far in advance. If playing tag, their first thought is "don’t get tagged." This means if it means running into a street to avoid being tagged they will do so. Children don’t think about consequences, but as drivers in vehicles, we need to be the eyes and ears, the responsible ones as we’re driving.

It’s common sense. More children at home, warm days to get outside and play and many cars on the roadways can be a dangerous mix.

Stay sober, stay focused, watch for children and slow down. Safety is something we all need to embrace so that parents can continue to embrace their children each evening.