The Star Bond project could be seeing changes as things move towards the June 30 deadline from the Kansas Legislature.

The Star Bond is an incentive available statutorily every 5 years for community improvements.

"If we don't renew it goes away," city manager Cherise Tieben said. "Star Bonds are very difficult incentive to use because it has a lot of pieces to get it to be finalized.

"The way they work is we get a certain amount of funding for projects but the rest of the money would need to go directly into Boot Hill Museum and the Heritage District. That is one of the big incentives in being able to use Star Bonds that they have to go to those entities."

The latest Star Bond project is the land near 14th Avenue near Soule Street.

The issue has been debated and discussed since the announcement for possible retail development occurred late last year.

The issue was that early projections of the possible retail development had land owned by the Dodge City Community College as part of the plan.

"We have narrowed the scope down," Tieben said. "The property would be with Farm Credit and First Assembly of God Church.

"We will be going to the college to ask about the small strip of land behind those location which is about 3 acres.

"We will no longer be seeking the land that has the cosmetology and child care center, it is no longer required."

The plan would be for a 75,000-square foot home improvement store along with a 35,000-square foot garden center with three out lots in front of the home improvement store available for other retailers.

"We are still working on the development agreement but it has been much reduced in the size and scope of the original possibility," Tieben said. "If the college doesn't sell the small strip where the students have mowed a walking path, then we would need the out lots to contribute because we wouldn't be able to be back far enough.

"But our focus is the home improvement store.

"We have reached out to every property owner in the area about the public hearing on June 5 and what is required of us with Star Bond legislation."

The public hearing on the amended Star Bond project will be June 5 at 7 p.m. at Municipal Court.