Lopp Motors have proven many times it cares about its customers. Now, a new honor proves that.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles United States rolled out its Customer First Award for Excellence certificate in late 2015. Recently, FCA US announced the winners throughout the company and Lopp Motors was one of only three Kansas dealerships to earn the honor.

"It’s a testament to the people who work here," said Jeff Lopp Sr., owner and general manager of the dealership. "We’ve won a lot of customer service awards over the years, but it’s something we stress here."

The award went to a total of 387 dealerships nationwide out of 2,600 eligible dealerships.

"That’s roughly 10 percent," Lopp said. "We take pride in helping our customers and it shows."

According to FCA US, in order to win the award dealerships must achieve stringent goals in five core pillars to earn the award.

A Facility Certification means the dealership provides a clean, comfortable environment for customers.

Performance Measures means the dealership has achieved highest levels of customer sales and service goals.

Training Certification means employees have received the highest level of required FCA-certified training.

Employee Surveys means the dealership employees have completed surveys to promote the voice of employees and a customer-driven culture.

Process Validation means the dealership has certified sales and service processes that support excellence in customer handling.

"Our dealers are striving to not just improve the customer experience in their facilities, but to become the industry leaders in customer satisfaction on both the sales and service sides of the business," said Al Gardner, head of dealer network development for FCA - North America. "We now have triple the amount of winning dealerships that may proudly market themselves as Customer First Award for Excellence achievers.

"Consumers will know that they are in a Customer First dealership from the logos, but more importantly, they will experience the evolution of these elite stores."

"We strive to make things good for the customer at all times," Lopp said. "We do our best to make everything good for the customer, whether buying or servicing a vehicle.

"It says a lot about the people who work here and their dedication. I’m very proud of each and every one of them."


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