Since Tuesday night’s storms in western Kansas, meteorologists have been warning about severe weather on Thursday.

It’s Thursday.

The National Weather Service in Dodge City has determined Dodge City may be the area stories begin firing up around 3 p.m.

"There is a warm front moving north of Highway 56 about now," said meteorologist Ray Burgert of the Dodge City NWS office. "Where thunderstorms fire up will be determined by how far north the front moves and how far west the dry line is.

"Our latest short-term forecast puts Dodge City in the northwest corner of the most severe due to Dodge City being in the warm zone and the expected dry line just west."

Burgers said thunderstorms will begin firing up around 3 p.m. with expected severe storms to last until about 6 p.m.

"After 3 hours, the storm system will move east, taking Dodge City out of the danger zone.

"But, if thunderstorms are firing up around Dodge City, tornadoes can develop rapidly if the dynamics are right and they may be right today."

Burgers encouraged everyone in Ford County and surrounding areas to be aware of the weather as the afternoon and evening progresses.

"It could become a very dangerous time, especially with the warm front moving north," he said. "There’s a very good chance of high winds, large hail and tornadoes.

"We want everyone to stay safe."

Burgers expects watches and warnings to begin mid-afternoon and also warned thunderstorms are possible later tonight.

"If storms west of Dodge City fire up, we might get more rain, but they won’t be as severe as this afternoon," the meteorologist said. "We’re very worried about this afternoon. It’s going to be very busy."


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