OK, I’ll admit it, I’ve stayed away from politics in this space for a little while for a couple of reasons.

The first is, yes, I promised to move to Canada if Donald Trump was elected president. For the record, I asked, but my employer insisted if I was to remain editor here in Dodge City, I had to actually live in the coverage area.

Second, I’m an American and I love my country. It doesn’t matter who the president is as long as the guy in the Oval Office doesn’t start a nuclear war or worse.

So, yes, I love my country. I’ve met and enjoyed my conversations with Sen. Pat Robertson, Sen. Jerry Moran and Rep. Roger Marshall. I believe they are honorable men doing what they believe is best for Kansas and the nation.

I also understand partisan politics, having been in journalism more than 30 years now. There are many places throughout the middle part of the nation where a Democrat has little to no chance of ever being elected for anything.

The same can be said for many metropolitan areas across the nation. A Republican has an uphill climb in most urban settings.

Yet, the past few days have shown me I can’t ignore Trump anymore.

Can anyone imagine the uproar if Hillary Clinton had won the election and this kind of stuff happened? She’d be tarred and feathered. Impeachment proceedings would have already begun.

But, it’s Trump. The reality TV star who won the highest seat in the land who has promised an Obamacare repeal and replacement, a border wall and a tax overhaul.

What we’ve gotten instead is the National Security Advisor being fired — reluctantly — after allegations  of improper contact with Russia. We’ve also had the FBI looking into Russia’s interference with the previous election, the president allegedly asking the FBI director to stop an investigation into Michael Flynn, the NSA for Trump, and later the firing of the FBI director. We’ve had Trump divulge classifieds intel to Russia — intel that came from Israel and put a person’s life in danger — because he was allegedly "bragging" to Russian officials.

Good grief.

Trump reportedly "glances" through intelligence reports not fully understanding or reading them. His responses to any crisis is to blame the media — for those wondering, I had nothing to do with any of the stories out of Washington, D.C. — or to blame his staff. There’ve been reports of shouting in the White House, the possible firing of several people and chaos.

Trump often complained about President Barack Obama’s golfing while in office. Trump has spent every weekend since taking office playing golf somewhere. So, when the previous guy did it, he was ignoring the country, but when Trump does it, it’s perfectly fine? Wow.

A congressman has called for Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday. Many congressional Republicans are stepping back from the president.

How does our president handle it all? He rants and raves on Twitter at about 3 a.m.

He’s not reaching out to all Americans. He’s not putting anything out to all of the media about what he wants to do or how he intends to do it.

Instead, he tweets or he applauds the stories on Fox News — the only media in the nation that’s telling the truth according to the president.

Before I get bombarded by letters and phone calls, yes, MSNBC is a left-leaning network. Yes, MSNBC displays a liberal point of view.

Fox News is the broadcast network of the conservative party. Fox leans right as MSNBC leans left. No rational person will watch either network and decide it’s fair journalism, except for those who lean way right or way left.

Our president shouldn’t be calling out the media on a constant basis. Our president should be running the nation, building support in Congress and in the world. We are the world leaders in many areas, yet other nations are looking at us like we’re the weird step-brother who won’t stop picking his nose in public.

They can’t stop watching, but it’s like watching a car wreck — you’re horrified but can’t look away.

Trump has to stop looking at the presidency like a CEO’s job. He can’t fire everyone. He has to build bridges, not tear them down every second. He has to be more careful in who he talks with, who he does business with and he has to stop tweeting.

We all remember the failures of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. They all made mistakes of some form or fashion.

Notice I didn’t include Ronald Reagan in the above list. That’s because Teflon Ron never got hit by anything that hurt him. Reagan got away with Irangate, economic upheaval and even an assassination attempt.

Unfortunately, Trump is no Reagan and right now everything sticks to him.

Can Trump things around? Sure, the others did OK. But right now, things just keep coming out. One has to wonder how many shoes have to drop before Congress — and the public — have seen enough?

Roger Bluhm is the managing editor of the Dodge City Daily Globe. Follow him on Twitter @roger_dcglobe or email him at rbluhm@dodgeglobe.com.