The Dodge City YMCA swim team swam in their first meet of the summer as they competed in Great Bend on June 3rd.

In Great Bend, Dodge City's mixed 8 and under 100 free relay team consisting of Henry Christensen, Justin Keeler, Jackson Small and Brodie Snodgrass finished first while three mixed 11 and over 200 free relay teams placed in the top three including the team of Ashlyn Armstrong, Ahmani Cansino, Marissa Coreano and Evann Drewes who finished 2nd, the team of Tevyn Falcon, Riley Kippes, Marcos Mancia and Colin Richter who finished 2nd and the team of Adrienne Asebedo, Serenity Larson, Allen Richter and Harlie Wainscott who finished third. Finally for the relay the team of  Adrienne Asebedo, Allen Richter, Wyatt Trembly and Harlie Wainscott finished third in the mixed 11 and over 200 medley relay.

Kelsey Drewes finished fourth in the 8 and under girls 25 meter free while Jackson Small finished 2nd in the 8 and under boys 25 meter free. Jonathan Austin finished finished 2nd in the 15 and over boys 50 meter free while Amelia Richter finished third in the 15 and over girls  50 meter free. 

In the 100 meter free Ashlyn Armstrong finished 2nd in the 11-12 girls division while Amelia Richter finished third in the 15 and over girls division. Jonathan Austin finished third in the 100 meter free in the  15 and over boys division while  Allen Richter finished third in the 13-14 boys division. Richter also finished first in the  13-14 boys 500 meter free.

In the 50 fly Ashlyn Armstrong finished fourth among the 11-12 girls while Eva Small took top prize in the 9-10 girls division. In the 100 fly, Jonathan Austin finished first in the boys 15 and over division. 

Colin Richter finished first among the  11-12 boys in the 200 meter free while Ashlyn Armstrong finished third in the 50 meter backstroke in the girls 11-12 division. Isaac Reiter (15 and over boys)  and Allen Richter (13-14 boys) finished in 4th and 2nd place respectively in the 100 meter back stroke. 

Kevyn Falcon and Colin Richter finished 3rd and 1st respectively in the 50 meter breaststroke in the 11-12 boys division. 

Finally, Jonathan Austin and Amelia Richter (in the 15 and over boys and girls respectively) both finished in first place in the 200-meter medley.