Paint Dodge

Many locals take pride in the old-style homes that have been resting along the streets of Dodge City for decades. However, as these homes grow older, so do the owners, which makes it increasingly difficult for them to maintain their property.

Back in March, the Community Housing Association of Dodge City, the Community Foundations of Southwest Kansas and Sherwin Williams partnered together to solve this problem by providing Paint Dodge, a service for the handicapped homeowners of Dodge City in which a group of volunteers paint and revamp applicable homes.

“Affordable quality housing is central to the health of families and the community, and Dodge City is facing a shortage of housing,” said Dodge City housing coordinator Mollea Wainscott. “Along with the shortage of housing, we are struggling to preserve our existing stock of homes.”

To apply for this program, a homeowner must own and reside in the property to be painted, must not own more than one property, must have an income at 200 percent or below the poverty line and they must be current on property taxes.

“Painting is cost effective, produces immediate results and keeps the home protected from inclement weather. Painting a home instantly improves the condition of the house,” said Wainscott. “There are many homeowners who are in code violation with the city to paint the exterior of their homes. Many of these homeowners do not have the funds and are physically not able to paint themselves.”

There are applicants who are in need of these services, said Wainscott, however there aren’t as many volunteers.

“I currently have received six approved applications and three of those homes are in the process of being painted,” said Wainscott. “I currently have three homes that need adopted and anticipate more applications before the end of the summer.”

Wainscott mentioned that any group or organization such as businesses, churches or even a group of friends can adopt a home.

“Adopting a home would require your group to coordinate the volunteers to paint the home,” said Wainscott. “It also requires your group to ensure the work is completed in a quality manner.”

Wainscott stated that she would like to thank Conant Construction, a company who adopted two homes from the program.

If anyone is interested in adopting a home, they can contact Wainscott at 620-371-3869, or by email at

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