The Central Avenue improvements project has been moving along since plans were made back in 2015.

As of June 1, the intersection of Central Avenue and San Jose Drive has seen the activation of a new 4-way stop light as well as a turning lane from just south of Highway 50 to Layton Street.

"We still have some luminaire's to install on the light poles," civil engineer Tanner Rutschman said. "When McDonald's was put into the location at the mall we knew there were issues with turning left along that stretch of road, making it more like three lanes of traffic.

"By adding the new turn lane from Layton Street north, it would make the location more efficient.

"Then there will be some clean up but we are also looking at installing some landscape on San Jose Drive just east of Central Avenue around the Subway restaurant and Gibson's Mall parking lot.

"There is a possibility of putting in some rock and vegetation but not grass and along with the landscaping, trees are going to be planted along the Village Square Mall frontage to replace those that were removed for the widening of the roadway."

The construction is part of several projects that will be connected to the Central Avenue improvements street program.

On May 16, BHC Rhodes unveiled to the public plans to widen Central Avenue from Vine Street to Comanche Street making it into two driving lanes with two-way traffic.

The construction will be done in sections from Vine Street to Comanche Street with plans for Cedar Street to Wyatt Earp Boulevard coming later.

The plans are to put out the construction to bid by late summer with construction beginning in spring 2018.