During the city commission meeting Monday, commissioners approved banning the use of tobacco products at outdoor parks and recreation facilities.

"It was an issue brought to us by a parent," city manager Cherise Tieben said. "We hope to make this into a law because then law enforcement will be involved, this is more of a policy that will be put in place that we hope will rectify this situation."

Mayor Rick Sowers added that the policy will include electronic cigarette devices as well as smokeless chewing tobacco.

"It is the same policy at the hospital," Sowers said. "And I know people are sensitive to the fact to begin with that they need to be be off the property."

Commissioner Brian Delzeit added, "The only issue I see is with the city parks being so wide open it will be difficult to control."

The parks and recreation areas will have signs posted notifying the public and visitors that they are tobacco-free locations.

Visitors will be asked to refrain from tobacco use while on the parks and recreation property or will be asked to leave.

Employees will be subject to the tobacco use policy.

"Another thing is with the turf fields," Tieben said. "Those aren't washed down. If there is tobacco spit onto them, they don't get cleaned off."

Commissioner Kent Smoll, was reluctant to approve the new policy.

"At some point things seem to go a little too far," he said. "And I am not a smoker or anything but I will vote to approve this but I would like a report at the end of the season on the outcome of this."

Tieben added that at Dodge City Raceway Park, there is currently designated smoking areas that will remain in place and will not affect the raceway.

The policy was approved unanimously, Commissioner Jan Scoggins was absent from the meeting and did not vote.

In other business, the commission renewed the designation of Dodge City Days being classified a special event during the 10-day festivities.

The designation will allow organizations to apply for temporary alcohol permits.

"We do this every year," Tieben said. "This way a few organizations like The Doctor's Office can hold special events and get the proper licensing."

Last year, The Doctor's Office was allowed to hold mechanical bull riding on the city streets during Dodge City Days during which time they would sell alcohol on the streets.

The commissioners also approved the purchasing of a new air compressor from Weis Fire Safety and Equipment Company for $39,657.38 for the fire department station two.

"The current compressor is more than 31 years old," director of administration Ryan Reid said. "This would be a new compressor that would be at station two.

"We had four bids from three vendors and this one met all our specifications."

The commissioners approved the air compressor unanimously.