DC3 Building Solutions and CHAD

The Community Housing Association of Dodge City works hard to preserve the historical houses around town. After receiving a moderate income housing grant from the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation, CHAD paired up with the Dodge City Community College building trades program to build a new home on a vacant lot.

“Dodge City has a shortage of housing, especially in the affordable moderate market,” said Ford County Development Corporation housing coordinator Mollea Wainscott. “Building a new home as an infill in existing neighborhoods helps complete the neighborhood and has a positive impact on the neighboring property. This innovative partnership will create more housing units for the community.”

According to Wainscott, this program began in 2015 and has successfully rehabbed six homes since then.

“Our first new house that we partnered with the DCCC building trades program to build was finished in 2015,” said Wainscott. “This home was built on a vacant lot at 1011 E. Elm Street and was sold to a moderate income family.”

The lot located at 1521 Mulberry Circle was cleared recently in order for DC3 students to begin their project.

“The City of Dodge City street division cleaned out the lot for CHAD — crews dug out concrete footings and removed the driveway and trees,” said Wainscott. “The local contractor began digging the basement.”

According to Wainscott, construction is set to begin in September of 2017.

“The students will provide all the construction except where a licensed contractors are required, which is the plumbing, electrical and HVAC,” said Wainscott. “We are looking to find contractors who will partner with us and let the students experience their trade. The house will be finished by the end of the school year.”

Once the house is complete, it will be put up for sale with all proceeds going back to CHAD to be used toward further neighborhood improvement projects to keep Dodge City beautiful.

Wainscott stated that the goal behind this program is to find unoccupied housing, increase availability of ownership housing in neighborhoods and provide a hands-on learning experience for students.

“This partnership not only brings into play different construction techniques, but also teaches energy efficiency, code compliance, and working conditions, while allowing them to experience community development in the process,” she said. “This program meets the training requirements for the building trades Program curriculum and helps build our future workforce.”

Wainscott added that CHAD also provides the materials for the students to build the home as well as the vacant lot.

“This allows the students the opportunity to experience the entire start to finish of building a home,” Wainscott said. “It also provides them the opportunity to engage in community development.”

For more information on the DCCC building trades Program, contact Pat Shiew at pshiew@dc3.edu. For information on CHAD, contact Wainscott at 620-227-9501 or housing@dodgedev.org.

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