The city of Dodge City has quite the list of street projects in line for the rest of the summer. Upcoming projects include an extension to 6th Ave., pavement markings on S. 2nd Ave., crack fillings along US 50 south and the installation of a new school zone beacon by Ross Elementary, Bright Beginnings and Comanche Middle School.

The first steps of the extension process on 6th Ave. was set to begin on Wednesday, however plans changed according to Dodge City public information director Jane Longmeyer.

“With the 6th Ave. extension, rough grading will actually begin on Monday, July 10th,” said Longmeyer. “The contractor had a weather delay on another project.”

Longmeyer added that once the contractor begins the project, they will have 45 calendar days to complete

“That should take them to late August,” she said. “The bids to pave the 6th Ave. extension will be opened on Tuesday, July 11th. At this time, we do not have starting or ending dates for the paving project.”

On that same day, the addition of pavement markings on S. 2nd Ave. is set to occur and should be finished by that following Wednesday, according to Longmeyer.

Additionally, the area along US 50 south to Comanche St. and from 14th Ave. to Central Ave. will begin receiving mastic crack fillings starting Monday as well.

“The contractor will also fill the cracks in the racetrack pit area parking lot during that project,” Longmeyer added. “There is no ending date per se – they will keep filling the cracks until the allotted amount for the project is used up.”

Finally, the installation of a new school zone beacon by Ross Elementary, Bright Beginnings and Comanche Middle School is set to begin on Tuesday, and should take up to a week and a half to complete, according to Longmeyer.

Longmeyer stated that there are also a few projects in line after the current projects are finished.

“At the June 19 city commission meeting, the bid from Klotz Sand Co., Inc. was approved for the 2017 asphalt street projects,” she said. “The starting date is around Aug. 1 for the full depth reconstruction of Market St. from Sunnyside Ave. to S. 2nd Ave., a 2-inch mill and inlay at the intersection of 14th Ave. and US 50 Highway as well as 6th Ave. and US 50 Highway, a 2-inch mill and inlay on Soule St. from 14th Ave. to 13th Ave. and a 2 and a half inch mill and inlay on Layton St. from Post Ave. to Central Ave.”

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