The south wastewater treatment plant has found a manager for the sales of the new biogas.

In a press release, Kinect Energy, Inc. was announced as the manager of the renewable natural gas fuel logistics and regulatory compliance for Dodge City.

City commissioners had previously approved the selling of the biogas from Dodge City to Kwik Trip gas stations in the upper midwest.

The biogas is recycled from the city's wastewater and is conditionerd and cleaned to be generated into the biogas.

"The project will convert a wasted resource into a valuable renewable fuel that will replace fossil fuels and generate revenue for Dodge City," city manager Cherise Tieben said in a press release.

The biogas will go into the Northern Natural Gas Pipeline Company that will deliver the fuel directly to the Kwik Trip locations

The project is expected to be ready in October.

The biogas that is currently flared will be available for use as a fuel, displacing diesel and gasoline that Kwik Trip will be able to provide renewable fuel to consumers at stations that currently dispense Compressed Natural Gas as a transportation fuel.

The fuel will assist Dodge City in complying with the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard  program and is expected to generate enough revenue to completely cover the upgrade costs for the city.

The treatment plant will produce and displace the equivalent of 3.5 million gallons of gasoline per year once the project is fully operational.

The will be enough to fuel 7,000 cars or 270 large trucks.

According to the press release, Kwik Trip expects most of the biogas will be used by trucks hauling freight across the midwest including Kwik Trip’s own fleet, Convenience Transportation in order for Dodge City’s biogas to qualify as renewable fuel under the RFS.

The RNG must be tracked from point of production to point of consumption and the transaction must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

"We are excited about this innovative project that matches a forward thinking city like Dodge City with a forward thinking fuel distributor and are ready to help manage the complex regulatory and commercial aspects," said Casey Whelan, vice president, strategic initiatives for Kinect Energy Group. "Dodge City and Kwik Trip believe this is a great example of a public/private partnership to generate both meaningful economic value and quantifiable environmental benefits."