Dodge City Brewing, located at corner of 701 3rd Avenue, hopes to be open for business come Dodge City Days.

"We think we will be open the third week of July," Brewing co-owner Larry Cook said. "We should have 10 days ahead of us before Dodge City Days starts."

Dodge City Brewing will be the first micro-brewery in Dodge City and one of the only ones in southwest Kansas.

"The closest brewery I think is in Hays," Cook said. "Then the closest one to the west is in Pueblo, Colorado. So Dodge City seemed like a good place to be."

According to Cook, Dodge City Brewing will have more than 30 recipes ready to use when the business opens and currently have six featured beers called Space Cowboy, Demon Red Ale, Pete's Brown Ale, Uncle Johnny's Cream Ale, Samurai Cowboy and Maurice Wit.

"We then traveled to Staten Island, New York, where we attended Goodfella’s Pizza School of New York to learn to make world class pizza," Cook said. "When we began the plans for the brewery, the city still had the 30 percent food requirement in place for alcohol establishments.

"Even though they voted to change that law we were already half-way done so we kept the food service."

Dodge City Brewing will serve brick-oven pizza to go along with their micro-beers.

Despite the slow start, Cook added that Dodge City Brewing is fully-staffed and ready to go.

"Once the construction is completed inside we can get in there and start training," he said. "We want to get everyone used to the ovens and serving the beer, so once that's done training will start."

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