Geez, take a small vacation and look what happens. Someone cranked up the heat a little bit.

I think the time has come to really put Dodge City on the map. It might hurt a little bit financially, but hear me out.

We need a dome.

We need a dome to keep temperatures between 50 and 80. This dome should have a retractable roof so pleasant days in southwest Kansas can be enjoyed, rain can fall naturally and there’s no blocking of the stars at night.

How about it Dodge City?

A day like, well pick any day earlier this week, when it’s super hot, super muggy. The kind of day the dog looks at you like you’re crazy when you ask if he wants to go outside. Bubba the rottweiler didn’t want to bark at the mailman on Tuesday, but he’s wearing all black.

We could mandate days like Tuesday to be 78 degrees. Just set the thermostat and make it happen.

Oh, and who wouldn’t enjoy an average January temperature to be 66 outside? It’s not San Diego, but it’s not a frozen tundra either. Green Bay, Wisconsin, loves its frozen tundra, so let them keep it.

But wait, there’s more.

Imagine the tourist dollars Dodge City would pull in being the first domed city. Gunfights and Variety Shows year-round at the museum, Long Branch Lagoon a year-round facility for swimming and think of the conventions we could have if we promised groups clear weather while they are here.

We could play golf all year, we could wear shorts all year and we can enjoy time outdoors at any time of the year.

Like the change of seasons, winter temperatures or allergies? Move outside of city limits.

Oh yeah, with a dome, we can put in giant filters to keep allergens out. No more constant headaches, stuffy feeling or sinus infections. Our out-of-pocket healthcare expenses go way down.

Hey, it’s my proposal, so I’m going with it.

The retractable roof allows for aircraft to still visit Dodge City. We lose zero services and gain so much. The Southwest Chief Amtrak would get a closable tunnel in and out which could mean a growth job industry — people who run entry/exit points to Dodge City.

Maybe we can get our elected representatives to get the state of Kansas to help with this endeavor? After all, we all believe we’ve lost a few billion dollars the past couple of years.

This is doable, trust me.

Imagine how many construction jobs — basic building crews, plumbers, electricians, IT guys — plus the opportunity to add wind and solar to the dome, enabling our community to be green in electrical consumption.

We don’t have to worry about the Arkansas River, it doesn’t flow through town anymore.

What do we have to lose? Some heat? Cold weather in winter? Who cares.

Dodge City needs to become Dome City. We should take the lead in this area. We should be the first domed community in the USA, and elected officials would be placed in charge of our daily temperatures, opening the roof and maintenance.

Candidates can run on dome politics for office.

Now, a few negatives. The dome may impact views, cost us more time as we deal with entry/exit points and, what do we do if someone tries to take more control by wiring the dome so all conversations can be heard by those in charge.

Dome City may become Dodge City all over again. Say applications corrupt and we can’t get out and no one can come in. Our community may fall back to a crazier time when outlaws ran the streets, police did their best and resources are limited.

But, isn’t that a good thing to get cooler temperatures? Come on people, work with me.

Hawaiian shirt Wednesday isn’t doing enough to cool me down. Let’s build a dome and crank the AC on high for a while.

Why not?


Roger Bluhm is the managing editor of the Dodge City Daily Globe. Follow him on Twitter @roger_dcglobe or email him at