Adult western heritage art competition.

As a part of Dodge City Days, the Carnegie Art Center is getting in the festival spirit with an adult western heritage art competition. With the deadline for entry coming up this Wednesday, the art center is looking for more pieces for the competition.

“Last year during Dodge City Days, we had an exhibit and all these tourists came in,” said Carnegie artist in residence, Carol Sinclaire. “Well, the tourists kept looking for western art and we didn’t have any, and they were very disappointed. I brought up to the board that next year we should make sure that we have a western artist in here. Then somebody on the board came up with the idea to have a contest, and then that would be the featured show for August.”

For those entering this contest, the artwork submitted must be framed and portray either people or places of the southwest Kansas heritage.  Entries are by donation at $10 for one entry or $15 for two.

“When we say the history of southwest Kansas, I want them to understand that doesn’t just mean back in the cowboy days,” said Sinclaire. “For example, my great great grandparents settled here, so I’m doing a portrait of them because they’re a part of this countryside history.”

Additionally, artists must be a Kansas resident or born in Kansas to enter this contest, said Sinclaire. There’s one issue however, she said.

“Well, we need more than three people in this contest, and that’s all who has entered so far.” said Sinclaire. “Norma Claire, she brought in two pieces, one for each category. John King, who is a former Dodge City resident, he is a very good artist who lives in Emporia now, and he brought in two pieces, and then I submitted two more, so we need more.”

The winner of this competition will receive cash prizes and be the featured artist for the month of August at the Carnegie, said Sinclaire. The Dodge City Area Council Board of Directors will be judging the competition and the winner will be announced on July 28 during Final Friday.

“We need people to know that we have gift items,” Sinclaire added. “We try to keep a wide range of prices and we’re really working on getting more of a selection too.”

Sinclaire then explained that the Carnegie is also looking for volunteers to help out during operating hours.

“They can’t pay anyone, the funding is gone and this is all volunteer work,” said Sinclaire. “We need some money coming in this place again. We’re non-profit, and sometimes people think that means that there is someone with deep pockets behind you taking care of everything, and that is not the case — it’s called donations.”

Sinclaire encourages anyone in the area who is interested in helping the Carnegie Art Center to stop by anytime Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. during their hours of operation. As of now, the Carnegie only has two people working at the gallery and keeping maintenance.

“We’re always looking for suggestions on things that we can do,” Sinclaire said. “Also volunteers. Just someone to act as maybe a receptionist and greet everyone who comes in.”

For more information on the art competition or volunteering at the Carnegie, contact their office number at 620-225-6388 or by email at You can also stop by their location at 701 N 2nd Ave.

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