For the past few years the Dodge City Community College has been on the verge of breaking through and becoming a contender in men’s basketball.

On Friday, they hired a man whose resume suggests he will get them there.

The Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees passed a resolution calling for the hiring of Steve Tucker as men’s basketball coach.

After an executive session, the board of trustees also released a report showing a former DCCC administrator may soon face criminal charges.

DCCC auditors mentioned the number of guns and ammunition the college purchased. During an inquiry by the board, more issues were uncovered and the board hired Great Bend attorney Allen Glendenning to investigate.

Issues uncovered included gun-related equipment delivered directly to the home of an administrator, its receipt not reported to appropriate college personnel and it was not used for any college purpose; an administrator given additional pay to teach a guided studies course for which he was not qualified; the wife of an administrator was hired as an adjunct instructor to teach a guided studies course for which she was not qualified; and an administrator created questionable certification for an adjunct instructor, had them signed by an instructor and submitted them for inclusion in the DCCC records for faculty qualification.

Glendenning provided the board of trustees — as well as to the Ford County attorney — copies of his report at the June 27 meeting. While the report will be released at a later time, the board believes the report should not be released as of yet because of possible criminal investigation and possible criminal charges; release could interfere with prospective litigation; and release could compromise further investigation and/or further personnel actions.

Tucker currently is the head coach and president of the Kentucky Mavericks of the Premiere Basketball League, a minor league in Owensboro, Kentucky. He has an extensive basketball coaching history, being named coach of the year six times and winning nine league or conference championships during his career and has won four championships in the past seven years, including one in June.

"I’ve always wanted to return to coaching in college," Tucker said in a phone interview on Friday afternoon. "I’ve had a lot of success — been doing this with the Mavericks for 10 years now — and I wanted a change.

"I’ve known about the Jayhawk League for a long time and I’ve heard about Dodge City Community College. They have a nice new facility on campus and I’m excited to get started."

The Conquistadors finished 20-11 last season and sixth in the conference. Tucker, whose record as a head coach is 430-235, believes DCCC will begin challenging for league titles soon.

"We need players first," he said. "I’m already on the road recruiting. We need better athletes and a better program.

"It’s what I’ve done everywhere I’ve been and I believe in how I do things and we’re going to get those things in Dodge City and begin challenging for the top spots in the league on a regular basis."

The board of trustees retroactively approved the hiring of athletic director Jacob Ripple as well. There is still a women’s soccer coach opening at the college.


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