SMH Consultants

After hearing of how great of an opportunity Dodge City had to offer their business, SMH Consultants, Kurth Lancaster and his business partners couldn’t turn it down.

On Tuesday, SMH Consultants and the Dodge City Area Chamber held a ribbon cutting/open house in celebration of their new location on 3rd Avenue and Spruce.

“In 2008, Jeff, our other owner who isn’t here today, started coming down here from Manhattan,” Lancaster said at the open house on Tuesday. “The city told us that there weren’t many people like us out here and there might be a big opportunity in this general region, like Dodge City, Garden City, etc. Jeff started coming down about 2 to 3 days a week and working out at an office by Military Plaza, it was probably a 10 by 12 space.”

After building their clientele and establishing sound business relationships, Lancaster and his partners decided they wanted to expand their business further.

“We moved up to Hennessey while the place we are at now was being built and land was being purchased and stuff,” said Lancaster. “We were at the place at Hennessey for maybe 18 months.”

SMH Consultants officially moved to their current location at the end of April, according to Lancaster. Now that they are completely moved in, they are looking to build momentum with their business.

“We do a lot of land surveying, civil engineering and landscape architecture,” said Lancaster. “We worked on the water park and Guymon Petro, and we designed Trail Street when it got re-done. We don’t do the actual building though, like on Trail Street we did the actual concrete, the water and the sewage.”

Though they have enough staff members, Lancaster says that they are always open to welcoming new employees.

“We have an intern that’s working for us, then once he graduates from K-State then he’ll come down and start working for us,” said Lancaster. “We’re always keeping an eye out for someone to come work here.”

Additionally, SMH Consultants also owns the two vacant buildings next door their location and they are looking to rent that space to someone. For more information, contact SMH Consultants at 620-255-1952.

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