Ford County Commissioners declare July 29 as National Day of the Cowboy

There are several activities lined up for Dodge City Days these next couple weeks, all centered around celebrating the Dodge City community and heritage. At the county commission meeting on Monday, commissioners signed a statement proclaiming July 29 as National Day of the Cowboy in Ford County.

“The National Day of the Cowboy is a day set aside by the U.S. senate to recognize our cowboy and western heritage,” said Jenay Wallace of the Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau. “As well as to honor working cowboys and cowgirls, rodeo athletes, western musician, cowboy poets, western artists, ranchers and all others who continue to contribute to the cowboy and western culture in America today.”

Wallace explained that this year marks the 13th since the National Day of the Cowboy was established.

“In the past, the National Day of the Cowboy organization has recognized Dodge City’s work on preserving the western way of life by awarding our community one of only four national awards called the Cowboy Keeper award,” she said. “To date, we are the only community to have received this award.”

Wallace then thanked the county commissioners and the rest of the community for their support in celebrating National Day of the Cowboy.

“Locally, this coincides with Dodge City Days and the claim that we are already honoring our western heritage and all the community was founded upon,” said Wallace. “Flags will be flown in several locations in Dodge City.”

Ray Shrader of the Dodge City Drovers then expressed his gratitude towards the community and county commissioners for allowing this day.

“We’d like to compliment our Ford County commissioners on their support of continuing to celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy here in Dodge City,” he said. “I know of no other city or county our size that continues to carry on the old western heritage as the main tourist attraction and as an excellent income producer for our city.”

Shrader then stated why he is proud to be from Dodge City.

“We may not be a big retail giant of the west,” he said. “But we still manage and maintain our attitude that we are number one in how the west was won.

After Commissioner Shawn Tasset read the proclamation, him and the other two commissioners officially signed it.

City Council also signed the Day of the Cowboy proclamation. Aditionally, the county commissioners also signed a statement proclaiming the week of August 13 as National Health Center Week.

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