A Federal Aviation Administration grant will soon be put to use.

The $12 million grant awarded to Dodge City Airport began to get use at Monday’s City Commission meeting as Burns and McDonald was selected and approved for a $1.3 million engineering contract for the renovation of a runway at the airport.

"It’s taking a long time because it’s a FAA grant," said Cherise Tieben, Dodge City city manager. "They started out trying to shorten and make thinner the current runway, but after they did a traffic survey, they found out they couldn’t do that.

"So, they will replace most of the runway and make it stronger."

According to Tieben, the runway construction will not hinder air traffic much.

"The company that does this is very good at making sure runways stay open and there’s little interference with day-to-day operations," the city manager said. "It shouldn’t be a problem for PenAir at all."

Tieben said construction should get underway in the fall with a competition date of late 2018 or early 2019.

Building Solutions, Inc., came away with a contract for new paving of the 6th Avenue extension north of Ross Road. The contract is for $943,748.

"We also did a survey of all the roads in the city," Tieben said. "I’m actually excited about this because it shows us what streets need to be dealt with first.

"This gives us a priority list for what we need to do as far as updating roads sooner rather than later."

The city also adopted new rules for beekeeping in the city limits.

"It was brought to us by a couple of teens and the more we looked into it, the more it made sense," Tieben said. "We have an ordinance now and we owe it to the two teens who were looking for a way to help the environment.

"It’s actually cool."


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