By this time next week, it’ll be here — Dodge City Days.

We’d like to remind folks of a few things before it arrives.

First, let’s all enjoy this two weeks of celebrations. Attend the parade, go to the rodeo, see the classic vehicles, visit Wright Park Zoo. Dodge City Days is an event where we remember our past, celebrate our present and look to the future. It’s an event all of us who reside in Dodge City and the surrounding area can, and should, enjoy.

See a show, eat some barbecue or do a little gambling at Boot Hill Casino, but remember to enjoy yourself.

Second, remember to treat those who come into our community as you would want to be treated if you were visiting their community.

As much fun as Dodge City should be for residents, imagine the fun and wonder someone from another state would have attending our shindig. We always encourage our service industry employees to be nice so people will return, but attending events in the heat of a southwest Kansas summer might make visitors grouchy. We should all do our best to put forth our best efforts during this celebration.

Third, be safe. Heat indexes are usually 100 degrees or more in our area and lots of people will be spending a lot of time outside.

Drink plenty of water or hydrating liquids. Caffeine can dry a body out, so be aware of what is in your beverage of choice.

Seek shade or a cool spot to rest several times a day. Don’t overheat yourself as heat-related illnesses can be deadly.

Lastly, thank the volunteers. Dodge City Days is a huge undertaking each year and many people volunteer at many events to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Let’s make sure we thank the volunteers as we attend the various events throughout the two weeks.

Enjoy Dodge City Days.