Dodge City Public Library hosts puppet show for their summer reading program

A big crowd of excited kids came rolling through the basement of the Dodge City Public Library on Wednesday afternoon, anxious and excited for another fun day of the DCPL summer reading program.

“Savannah Ball is our guest and she did a puppet show over the book Strega Nona,” said youth services librarian, Rozanna Bennett. “She also told other stories and sang songs from around the world.”

Ball, who is a consultant with the Southwest Kansas Library System, taught kids some common words from other languages as well as some songs.

“Every summer I go to lots of libraries around southwest Kansas and do the same show,” said Ball. “The kids like it a lot, they have a lot of fun.”

Ball says that most of her shows include hands-on activities.

“I try to do a lot of interactive stuff that make them get up and move around,” said Ball. “When I read my story, I’ll have them get up and do movements with the story. We do a lot of songs that are interactive, during the show I also have bubbles and silly string that I use.

“They also like getting to see and meet the puppets,” she added.

The library will host many more events throughout the rest of summer as a part of their summer reading program. For more information, visit the DCPL website at

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