Dear Editor,

    Ford County voters will soon be choosing from a number of trustee candidates for Dodge City Community College. It is good that three incumbents — Dr. Reeves, Dr. Conant and Gary Harshberger — have offered to continue their service. Twelve other community folks have offered to serve. No it is the voter’s responsibility to consider carefully what each of the candidates have brought, or, would bring to the board if they are elected and become officially responsible for the future of the college, the opportunities it provides, and the asset it is to the community.

There have been controversial and challenging perceptions in the past 2 years on various issues and it is my hope as a current trustee that voters will consider carefully the candidates who are, or will be, a positive voice; be willing to set aside personal agendas; learn what their responsibilities are if a new trustee; and sincerely work together to build the college toward its potential.

As we move from six to seven members, voters will elect four trustees for 4-year terms and may vote for four or less. The primary is only trustee candidates and early voting begins July 25 in the county clerk’s office. August 1 polling places are Dodge City Civic Center; Bucklin Library; Ford Community Church; and St. John the Baptiste Parish Hall in Spearville. You will need a government ID to vote.

Floris Jean Hampton, DCCC Trustee

Dodge City