When it comes to our U.S. veterans and helping those in need, it’s not surprising when the staff members of Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers are the first ones to reach out a helping hand.

“Here at Freddy’s we are very patriotic,” said Erin Lybarger, general manager for the Freddy’s located in Dodge City. “Freddy was a veteran, he was in World War II, and he earned a purple heart. Our country is very important to Freddy and the organization, he really loves his country.”

With an immense amount of respect and love for our local veterans, Lybarger and the rest of her staff at Freddy’s decided to hold a fundraiser to benefit the Fort Dodge Soldiers Home.

“Freddy’s contacted me to see if I could help plan a car show,” said president of the Dodge City Classic Cars group, Cherlyn Mead. “It just so happens that there are so many other car shows going on, so I suggested that it might not be a good idea to have a car show, but just a regular shine and show is a better idea.”

Freddy’s Cars and Custards shine and show will take place at the Freddy’s parking lot from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

“The difference between a shine and show versus a regular show is car shows typically has vendors, food, trophies and activities,” Mead said. “A shine and show is just basically you show up with the car and show it off while also getting to meet other gear-heads and whatnot.”

According to Lybarger, they are asking for cars, bikes and jeeps to show up and show off their vehicles.

“What they’re basically asking is for 16 cars or more, and it would be even better if that number was higher,” said Mead. “Those that come in to see the cars and eat, 15 percent of the proceeds that Freddy’s receives during that time will actually go toward and benefit the Ford Dodge Soldiers Home.”

There won’t be an official winner according to Lybarger, however, each participant will receive 25 percent off of their meal at Freddy’s that day.

“People can bring their cars in at free-will, they don’t have to stay the entire time, they can just kind of cruise in and out from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m,” said Mead. “We have some that are coming who are on an time crunch, so it’s more of a come and go, cruise-in and cruise-out kind of thing.”

Lybarger says that they don’t have a set goal as far as the proceeds go, they just want to make a difference.

“I would like to get up to $1,000 to donate to the veterans,” she said. “I want to make enough to where we can donate a pretty good lump sum to the veterans. I can’t really give an exact amount of what we would like to make, but I’m hoping for a pretty large amount because I’d like it to benefit the veterans and make it worth while.”

Lybarger then added that there will be veterans from the Fort Dodge Soldier Home attending the shine and show on Saturday.

In hopes that the shine and show fills the Freddy’s parking lot on Saturday, Mead says that they got ahold of an aerial photographer to capture the action as well.

“I did get ahold of “Dwayne Sheer, southwest Kansas aerial photographer,” she said. “He will be bringing his drone out, and as long as it’s not windy, he will get to take some aerial photos of the shine and show.”

For more information on participating cars, contact Mead at 620-369-0131 or Freddy’s at 620-371-6700.

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