Come for a free revival at the rodeo grounds

There are several events taking place during Dodge City Days that has brought on plenty of excitement throughout the community. Lately, the community has shown extra excitement for a new upcoming event for Dodge City Days, and it’s clear why there is such a ruckus about it.

For the first time ever on Thursday, the Dodge City community will come together to Raise a Ruckus for the Lord, a revival at the rodeo grounds. The revival will take place from 6 to 9 p.m.

“There are so many Christ-loving people in this community, and they want to see this happen,” said organizer Laura Tawater. “People tell us all the time that Dodge City needs revival, so we are expecting church people to come, but we are also expecting non-church people to come.”

This event is free to the public. According to Tawater, they are planning for a huge crowd.

“Some special pieces to this is that we are supporting the Friendship Feast Association of Dodge City to help them keep their doors open,” she said. “In the middle of this service, they will be taking up an offering, so the ushers will come and pass around buckets, and all of it will go to the Friendship Feast Association of Dodge City.”

According to Tawater, there will be ministers and pastors from churches all around the Dodge City area. Those churches include Grace Community Church​, Larned Assembly of God, First Baptist Church​, Wilroads Gardens Christian Church, Bucklin Community Church, The Gathering, First Christian Church, ​Celebration Church, ​Dodge City Nazarene Church, Oasis Church, ​First Assembly of God, First Church of God​, First United Methodist Church​ and Dodge City Cathedral.

“Everyone can come and just listen to the gospel, and there will also be an invitation at the end for people to come forward to receive Christ,” said Tawater. “We are also doing baptisms. They’re going to bring in a clean horse tank and we’re going to have it on a flat bed to where people can get baptized if they’ve never been baptized before.

“We will have ministries, pastors and pretty much trained people down there. There will be counselors down there as well the whole time to pray with people.”

Tawater added that there will also be communion during the service.

“There will also be a full-on live band coming from five different churches,” she said. “The praise teams of those churches are coming together to perform, and they’re really good. The lead singer from Ignite will be there.”

Those churches include Wilroads Gardens Christian Church, The Gathering, Bucklin Community Church and the Dodge City Cathedral

Additionally, there will be several booths at the revival. Those booths include Thy Word Apparel, who will sell official Raise a Rucks for the Lord T-shirts and other other Christian merchandise; the Christian Motorcycles Association, who will be giving their testimonies and giving out free handouts; the Great Plains Christian Radio booth, who will be giving out handouts and Gideons International who will be handing out Bibles.

Additionally, Young Life and Operation Christmas Child will also have a booth.

“Operation Christmas Child will be giving out free Silver Dollar City tickets to the first 25 people who bring in a gift filled shoe box,” said Tawater.

Tawater also stated that there will be a free watermelon feed.

“We have 240 watermelons coming in. That’s a big deal I feel like, so there will definitely be enough watermelon for everyone,” she said. “We’ve had so many gracious sponsors reach out the past couple weeks, we couldn’t have made this happen without people coming forward and just giving us things and money and donations.”

Tawater stated that the Dodge City Area Women’s Chamber of Commerce will be running concessions as well for those who are hungry for more than watermelon. She also added that the entire event will be taking place under the covered stadium section of the rodeo arena to avoid heat exhaustion.

“We are really going to engage our guests with this thing, you’re not just going to sit there all night and listen,” said Tawater. “You’re going to become a part of this revival if you come. We’re just expecting great things because God has been behind it the whole time, so it’s been amazing.”

Tawater then stated where this whole idea originated.

“This whole event is God-inspired. For several of us at the churches, He has just been putting it on our hearts that we need a revival,” said Tawater. “We also keep hearing about it, even on the streets, we’d hear ‘Dodge City needs a revival, we need to get revived’, so we just gave it to God. We started having faith and taking these steps and everybody has just come together like they never have before. That’s what is so special about this is we’ve never done this before and it’s just the right time.”

Though this event officially takes place from 6 to 9 p.m., Tawater clarified that they will be there all night.

“If people want to come forward and visit with a counselor or get prayed for or get baptized, those are going to happen afterwards,” she said. “We have the arena all night, so we’ll be there all night.”

For more information on Raise a Ruckus for the Lord, visit the offical website at or visit their Facebook or Zappar at @dodgecityrevival.

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