Salsa Man will be on the move in the next few weeks.

Currently located at the former Cup of Jones, Salsa Man is a statue that was created by late Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper who was born in Dodge City and made the statues after seeing similar ones in California based on multiple muffler men variations.

But now he will soon be moved to the north side of the new SMH Consultants building on 3rd Avenue.

The move will be made by the city along with SMH Consultants and the Carnegie Center for the Arts.

"There had been plans at the 3rd Avenue location to develop an art park at the property," special projects coordinator Melissa McCoy said. "That didn’t end up happening been then when the statue was being put in at Cup of Jones, SMH Consultants looked at it when it was placed and thought it was interesting.

"They later talked to the board at Carnegie and the board approved the move.

"There will also be plans to have some Stan Herd murals that were in storage put in at the Gambles building at 3rd and Gunsmoke across from the Brier and Hale store to have more of an art area a block from Carnegie that the Carnegie board is very excited about."

There will also be story board installed courtesy of the Mariah Fund that will tell the history of the Salsa Man statue.

"He came to us from the Dennis Hopper Art Trust," McCoy said to the Globe previously. "He arrived from California and was seen on the A&E television show "Shipping Wars" as he arrived in Dodge City.

"The statue has been seen at several locations including Paris, France."

Salsa Man is owned by the Dodge City Area Arts Council and has a similar statue called Mobil Man that has been set up in Haskell County.

Prior to making home at Cup of Jones, Salsa Man was last seen at the Western State Bank Expo Center in 2013 during the 3i SHOW.

Since 2013, Salsa Man had been kept in storage until a suitable place to put him was found.

"He probably will not be installed until after Dodge City Days," McCoy said. "There will probably be preparations such as the concrete stand done during that time because it will need to time to dry but the plans to move will be after Dodge City Days."