For the next few weeks there will be a new van driving around Dodge City.

Transmap will be driving the 154 centerline miles in town using high speed cameras, laser line projectors and LiDar equipment to generate high resolution 3D profiles of the roadways.

The data collected will then be analyzed to provide a Pavement Condition Index.

The results of the PCI will then be used for the city to prioritize the type and location of the most needed street work.

"Once the baseline average PCI of all the city’s asphalt streets is determined, a goal will be set to increase this average every year with the funds budgeted for street maintenance," city public information officer Jane Longmeyer said in a press release. "Three to 5 years down the road, the street network will need to be analyzed again to develop a model of the service life for every asphalt street.

"This will help determine whether the overall condition of the City streets are improving and funds are being spent wisely or that additional funds are required to maintain the street network and increase the condition of the network."

Longmeeyer added that the public is asked to drive with caution when seeing the Transmap van.

"It will be traveling within the speed limits but it is working for the public and has high-tech equipment mounted on it," she said.

"Please adhere to the warning signs on the vehicle."