Jane Longmeyer from the city of Dodge City receives Bronco Buster award

At the Dodge City Days Kick-Off reception on Thursday, the annual Bronco Buster award went to a hardworking, long-time Dodge City employee, Jane Longmeyer.

“This award is now determined by a Blue Ribbon committee consisting of people that have been active in Dodge City for a long time,” Dave Rebein of Rebein Law Firm said. “It consists of the Chamber, former presidents, the Dodge City Days Committee and former award winners. It’s quite a process, and they really outdid themselves with the recipient this year.”

Longmeyer came to Dodge City in 1987 when she got a job as a secretary to the city manager, Rebein explained. Since then, she has been a part of several accomplishments.

“She now retires this year from the city of Dodge City, so think of everything that’s happened between 1987 and today,” he said. “As you think of all the good things we’ve accomplished, her fingerprints are on a lot of those things.”

Longmeyer has led several city projects including Keep Dodge City Beautiful, a project that began in 1992.

“I think it’s safe to say that you’re ending your career with Dodge City as a more beautiful place now than when you started,” said Rebein. “Somewhere along the line, the beautification of Dodge City became her passion, and that’s when she spent 3 decades doing.

“I’m sure you’ve seen her out and around making things look good, that’s what she does, but that’s not all that she does. She’s the person behind the scenes at Dodge City night at the legislature. If you ask anybody, Bud and Brad will tell you this, the legislators really look forward to that because they just have a good time.

“It takes a lot of work and time, and Jane for years has been the organizing force behind that.”

There are countless other projects in which Longmeyer has been the organizing entity, according to Rebein. Though she has accomplished so much, Longmeyer explained that the relationships she acquired during her career are what she cherishes most.

“The city of Dodge City has given me so many opportunities to work with the majority of you as my network to accomplish things,” she said. “That’s what I cherish the most is that I’ve worked with many of you to continue to make Dodge City the best place to be. I look forward to continuing to do these things when I retire, probably in my time when the weather is nice and it’s not too cold or too hot. Doing these things for Dodge City is my passion.”

Longmeyer then added that she will remain in Dodge City with her family upon retirement.

“At some point, Dodge City became your town,” Rebein said to Longmeyer. “We thank you, Jane, because in the process you made our town better.”

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