Letter was incorrect

Dear Editor,

Regarding the letter in Wednesday's edition from Trustee Malone, which insinuated pointedly that I am not supportive of DCCC faculty--that is simply not true. Truth is that I admire and look up to professional and ethical faculty as Icons in society, but regret that, as in all of society, not all can meet those high standards. There are many amazing people on DCCC's faculty, who are making and have made a difference in students' lives. I salute them.

Floris Jean Hampton

DCCC Trustee


Keeping accreditation is key

Dear Editor,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide some information to the Ford County citizens about the very serious investigation into the misconduct and fraudulent activities which occurred at the Dodge City Community college during the prior administration.

First, I want to make it very clear that the vast majority of the professors at Dodge City Community College are dedicated professional educators performing exemplary service to the citizens of our community. The lack of supervision by the prior president allowed lower level administrators to compromise the academic rigor within the college. This behavior and violation of board policy allowed several administrators and some faculty members to supplement their compensation via guided studies and other means which in turn enhanced the environment that this behavior is acceptable and should continue. There is no question that this environment was the genesis of the "No Confidence" vote the faculty coalition made against President Harold Nolte and Vice President Adam John.

When the new president started holding administrators and faculty accountable, the push back began thus the vote of no confidence.

Because many of the findings in the Glendenning investigative report met the threshold of criminal activity, the report with supporting documents were referred to the county attorney for further investigation and possible filing of charges which is the reason the report was not released.

The challenge facing the board today is to insure that the accreditation of the college is maintained through the upcoming Higher Learning Commission visitation next April. The president has forwarded a copy of the investigation to the Higher Learning Commission along with his assurances that the college is in the process of addressing any deficiencies in the academic rigor of the college.

The statement made in Mr. Malone’s letter published July 27 is very misleading in that the trustee response was very well vetted by me and each of the counterpoints in the response can very easily be verified by a review of the records at the college. Also, why spend $30,000 with ACCT when we already know what the problem is?

The citizens of the Dodge City Community College District will be well served to support the administration of Dr. Nolte and the board of trustees to maintain the high level of accreditation we have enjoyed in the past.

Morris L. Reeves

DCCC Trustee