The Dodge City Days Western Parade was attended by something not many residents and parade goers are used to.

By Saturday morning leading up to the start of the parade, the rain was already coming in steady.

"We received .28 of an inch through the weekend," National Weather Service in Dodge City meteorologist Larry Ruthi said. "Further west received a lot more rain then we did here."

Despite the rain, the parade went on and it did not deter from a full crowd.

"We used a tarp and umbrellas as a cover when it was heavy rain," said Samantha Temaat of Dodge City. "After that we just toughed it out."

Members from the American Legion said they toughed it out as well but were just glad it wasn't hot as in years past

Others waited in their vehicles during the rain then once the parade started coming by, they got out and used umbrellas.

With the parade also came some competition as the floats were up for judging on who was the best.

This year's Dodge City Days Western Parade winners are: Youth Category; 1st place, The Alley Project Teen Safe, 2nd place, Dodge City Cheerleaders and 3rd place St. Cornelius Episcopal Church.

The adult non-profit winners are: 1st place, Heaven Bound Cowboy Church, 2nd place, National Weather Service and 3rd place, H.E.R.O.S.

The winners of the horse/western unit are: 1st place, Dodge City Drovers, 2nd place, Weber Refrigeration and Heating, 3rd place, Great Western Cattle Trail.

The commercial winners are: 1st place, Lewis Chevrolet of Dodge City, 2nd place, United Wireless Arena and 3rd place Paws and Claws Pet Shop.

During the rest of Dodge City Days this week, Ruthi said temperatures would be in the 80s today and Wednesday but a cold front will be coming on Thursday morning, pushing temperatures to low 80s and maybe high 70s.

"Precipitation isn't out of the question when the front moves in," Ruthi said. "However most of the heavy rain will be sliding to the south when it does come into the state."