Dodge City revival

For the first time ever last Thursday, Raise a Ruckus for the Lord took place at the Dodge City rodeo grounds, uniting several churches and people from all over Kansas.

“There was an estimated 2,000 people in attendance that came from all over southwest Kansas as far as Salina to experience over a dozen churches get together to put on a powerful event with gospel messages and worship music,” said organizer Laura Tawater. “The turnout was larger than we expected, praise God! We still had plenty of water and watermelon to give out and didn’t run out of anything.”

There were several Christian organizations at the revival with booths who were able to speak about their ministry and provide handouts. According to Tawater, many people ended up coming to the arena floor to listen to the messages and raise their hands in worship.

“There was a special time during the event where we took an offering for the Friendship Feast Association of Dodge City,” Tawater said. “We were able to raise $3,565 for their organization and presented the money to them toward the latter part of the service. People were moved to give and help out the Friendship Feast that night, and I know everyone was excited about the money that was raised to help them.”

Additionally, baptisms were held after the revival.

“There were about 17 people that came forward during the invitation to receive Christ and for rededication,” said Tawater. “There ended up being a line of people waiting to get baptized by one of the preachers. There were 11 baptisms performed that night and it was so special to see people surrender their lives to Jesus.”

According to Tawater, those who rededicated their lives or got baptized that night were encouraged to fill out a “commitment card” after the service.

“There is more work that needs to take place to make sure that the people that came forward are visited, nurtured and paid attention to. Part of this event includes a ‘new discipleship training’ class that will take place at the Dodge House Restaurant on August 10 and 17 at 6:30 p.m.”

Tawater stated that they plan on visiting everyone who filled out a commitment card to encourage them to attend this class.

“Another addition to this revival, is there will be a 48 Hours of Worship event beginning (August 4),” said Tawater. “That will also include multiple churches coming together to sing songs of praise for 48 hours straight, come and go, at 308 Gunsmoke in Dodge City, hosted by The Gathering Church.”

According to Tawater, the outpouring amount of positive feedback and renewed faith that came from this revival assured that there will be another one next year.

“After the revival, so many people approached us and asked if we could do this again next year and said they would help support the event again if we did do it because they enjoyed it so much,” Tawater stated. “We will begin working on next year’s event in the near future and we are all excited to get it going again!”

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