Tuesday’s primary election trimmed the 15-candidate field for the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees race to eight.

The top eight vote getters — Kathy Ramsour (788), incumbent Gary Harshberger (779), incumbent Merrill Conant (700), Pete Weil (693), Mia Schraeder Korbelik (636) Bill Hammond (558) and incumbent Morris Reeves (421) — advance to November’s general election where the top four will join the board.

"I’ve got some work to do," admitted Reeves. "But I think the general election will be completely different than the primary.

"By then more information on the investigation will be released and people will understand what the board’s been trying to do."

"I was sitting in my back porch and said wow that's unbelievable," Ramsour said of the results. "I believe in this community and the people believe in me."

When asked about plans for the future, Ramsour said, "I didn't start with a plan just a belief in the community.

"I think I will sit back and enjoy the rest of Dodge City Days with the grandkids and the Women's Chamber."

Regarding the top vote getter, Ramsour said, "I just hope more people go out and vote.

"When I started this campaign I had a lot of community members contact me and ask specific questions and I encourage that going forward."

Conan was happy to move on, but thinks a break is in order.

"I’m going to go and get my signs out of people’s yards and lay low for a while," he said. "Then, we can get going again closer to the general election."

Conan, who has been on the board of trustees for 12 years, says this has been a different election than most.

"It’s been interesting," he said. "It’s good that so many people are interested in serving the college."

Hammond, who just missed being elected to the board during the last election, is happy to move on.

"(I’m) humbled by those who voted for me and am very grateful," Hammond said. "I was waiting till the primary to see how things turned and will go from there."

"It is good news.," said Reichenborn. "I was hoping I would get a chance to run in the finals. I just want us to make the changes at the college that’s good for the students.

"Having good instructors and good administrators that are going to keep instructors in line and have a good selection of courses for kids so that they can either complete an education here or get their first two years in here and go somewhere else and have a high-quality education.

"I taught for 35 years, and I just think we need high-quality education here at Dodge. I’m looking forward to the general election and hope that we can elect four new people that can do a great job of getting the college back on track."

"I’m very thankful for all those people who supported and voted for me," said Korbekik. "I’m looking forward to the election in November. I hope that I can convince the voters that I’m a worthy candidate."

The vote tally for the candidates not moving forward were, Nancy Sapp, 329; Nick Wells, 289; Anthony Bartello, 264; Michael Benish, 236; Sara Howard, 202; John Thomas, 201 and Norman Peterson, 51.


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