Who in their right mind scheduled an election to be held the second Tuesday of Dodge City Days? Did someone look at the events schedule and decide the night of Xtreme Bulls was perfect to have a primary that day?

It’s not as if my staff and I haven’t been run ragged enough — a parade, Central Station kickoff event, Gauntlet Challenge, Bites and Brews, Kickoff Concert, Matt Dillon statue unveiling, and more — through the first week. Let’s throw in an election.

Now, of course this is a pity party for myself and my staff. OK, more for myself. After all, I assign them tasks and end up doing the rest myself.

And I know the election primary date was picked by the state — which obviously didn’t think about Dodge City Days — and therefore couldn’t be changed.

Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered much except 15 people decided to run for the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees which meant a primary was needed to whittle the candidates to eight.

But I digress and besides, I don’t want to let facts get in the way of my complaining.

So, in the middle of Dodge City Days on the first night of rodeo action of any kind, my staff and I are waiting in the newsroom for results from the county clerks office.

We’ve all braved heat, some cool temperatures and rain, maybe some strange folks who are too happy to be torturing their bodies, but still, we’ve endured hardships and now we have more. We are being forced to wait for polls to close, results to come in and call these candidates for their reactions good and bad.

OK, the complaint has lost its sizzle, it’s substance and, well, it’s ability to be continued. The gauntlet was a fun event and one hundreds participated in. I hope it returns, but no, I  will not be participating. At 50 I believe I can refuse on the premise of elderly safety. Hey, I’m only 5 years from getting AARP status!

Also, at Bites and Brews, I discovered who made the most amazing wings I’ve ever had. Two years ago during the chicken wing challenge, I ate a mango habanero wing that was out of this world. Now, I finally hear this wing is on the menu at Prime on the Nine.

I need a standing order for these every Saturday during college football season and perhaps, if we can work it out, a standing order for the sauce so I can make my own boneless, skinless chicken thighs for NFL Sundays.

Come on Prime on the Nine, hook an editor up!

It’s been an active yet good Dodge City Days. Rodeo takes center stage for the next five days but there’s more action as well.

Rodeo queen contestants begin their race in earnest this morning with Horsemanship skills at Ford County Fair before the Wacky Trike Races at Wright Park this afternoon.

Saturday features longhorn steers walking the streets of Dodge City, classic vehicles spread throughout Wright Park and children touching and exploring vehicles of all shapes and sizes during Touch a Truck next to the classic car show.

It’s almost too much. A Final Friday the first Friday of Dodge City Days, an election on the second Tuesday. Parades, rodeo queens and longhorn steers. The complaint is back on, I’m exhausted. I need a nap.

Better yet, I need a break. Dodge City Days ends Sunday. What? School is back in session soon? Prep fall sports is right around the corner? We’re less than a month before DCCC returns to athletic action? A general election is near the first of November? The holidays are coming fast?

Somebody stop the world from turning, I need to catch my breath.

Never mind, the nap idea works for me. Just promise me somebody will wake me up by Saturday. I like the classic car show.


Roger Bluhm  is the managing editor of the Dodge City Daily Globe. Follow him on Twitter @roger_dcglobe or email him at rbluhm@dodgeglobe.com.