Horse is injured on Tuesday's Bullfighter's Only event.

A horse was injured during Tuesday night’s Bullfighters Only event held in conjunction with Dodge City Roundup Rodeo.

Injuries occur in all sports, and like other events, Roundup Rodeo works to minimize them. That includes the animal athletes. In the case of Tuesday’s incident, both the cowboy and horse involved were experienced in the handling of bulls, including the Spanish fighting bulls, which are more aggressive and bred for freestyle bullfighting.

Unfortunately, the bull made contact with the horse, causing the horse to sustain a laceration on the inner side of its right hind leg. It was immediately cared for by the on-scene veterinary staff, which provided the horse with pain relief and cared for the wound.

The horse did not need to be transported for care. It remained at Roundup Arena with its owner, and the veterinary staff anticipate the animal to make a full and uneventful recovery. The vet staff will continue to monitor the horse and provide any care that is needed.

Like the rodeo industry itself, Roundup appreciates the value of all the animals who participate in the event and cares for their welfare.