Jim Groth, Sue Groth and Kim Angel of Dodge City find the Medallion.

After about a week, the medallion has finally been found, and Dodge City locals Jim Groth, Sue Groth and Kim Angel are pretty excited considering they have been on the hunt for 15 years.

“Some years we’ve been so close, and some years we’ve been way far off,” said Jim. “We found it at Dodge City Community College between the path that takes the kids to Walmart and the walking path.”

According to the three, all the clues started to come together after the sixth clue was released on Tuesday, “three towers”

“That kind of did it for us, because we thought, ‘three towers,’ then we looked around while at the college,” said Sue. “We saw all three towers, one water tower had two others on the horizon.”1260

The clue that gave it away for the three, according to Jim, was the seventh clue released on Wednesday, “choose your path wisely.”

“It wasn’t the water towers in the end that led us to the medallion, it was the path,” said Jim. “It was in the tall grass.”

“The first clue, ‘needle in a haystack,’ is how we thought to look in the grass,” Angel clarified. “For me, it was like looking at a golf ball in the rough with the tall grass.”

Jim, who was the one to uncover the Medallion, explained that he was unsure if it was really the medallion at first.

“I picked it up, and of course I couldn’t see the medallion because it was in this cloth material, but I felt it and it felt like the weight and size were about right,” said Jim. “Then I felt the back side, and I told Sue and Kim that I thought I found it, and they didn’t believe me at first.”

Ed O’Neal, circulation director at the newspaper, explained his reasoning behind some of the clues:

1. Like looking for a needle in a haystack

“Well, it’s in a heavily weeded area, so it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, that’s my interpretation of it.

2. Watch for the heat, no shade

“It was out in the open, so no need to look under a tree.”

3. Move past 7

“There are seven evergreen trees standing in a line by themselves on the south side of the road leading to the medallion.

4. The road is not a straight one

“The road down the hill to the walking paths where the medallion was close to is not straight, it is a curved road.

5. Pass by a gate

There’s a gate where you have to go through, it’s an open gate between the parking lot and the road that goad down towards the walking path

6. Three towers

“There’s three towers that dominate the skyline there. The water tower, then to the south is the old AT&T tower and straight east of the water tower is a communication tower at 14th and Soule.”

7. Choose your path wisely

“There’s two paths there. One’s a walking path and one’s a path to Walmart for students at the juco, so there’s two paths to choose from.”

8. Some trails lead you back to where you started, others lead you somewhere.

“‘Some trails lead you back to where you started’ is the walking trail that goes in a circle. Then the ‘others lead you somewhere’ is the trail to Walmart.”

O’Neal says that the clue that was intended for today was going to be “in the news a lot.”

“I want to say thank you to the Dodge City Globe and Phillips Chiropractic,” Jim said. “The Medallion hunt adds to the whole Dodge City Days event, it’s just one more thing that involves family fun.”

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