The hottest election race drew almost nothing at the polls.

For more than a month, candidates for the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees have been advertising, meeting in forums, answering questionnaires and explaining what they would do if elected to the board.

There have been questions, answers, accusations, arguments and debates over several situations concerning the college, board, faculty, investigations and more. It’s the hottest election battle in some time.

Yet, in a primary election where the field is trimmed from 15 to eight, the turnout was small.

Traditionally, elections which don’t include a presidential race are smaller. Primary elections are also smaller.

Yet, despite this, we expected a decent turnout for an important race. While voters were steady throughout the day, it wasn’t a large turnout by any means. It was a typical non-presidential, primary election turnout.

The DCCC board race is a main topic at coffee each morning. People have been interested in advertising, reading news stories and asking questions about the race. We expected a healthy increase in voting due to all we’d heard prior to primary day.

While campaigning may calm down for a little while, the issues and candidates will be back closer to general election day in November. The race will heat up and other races — city commission and school board — will also be decided.

As always, we encourage everyone to vote. We encourage everyone to vote in any election to make their voices heard. It’s important to our freedoms to vote and have a say in how things are done from local to national issues.

Take the time to research candidates and what they stand for. Know their positions on issues and, if needed, ask them. Candidates are seeking your support and will answer. Let’s make sure we understand as much as possible when we return to the polls in the fall.

And let’s make sure to vote. As was once said, it’s hard to complain if you didn’t participate. Take part in the process to make sure it’s as democratic as can be.