Bring TV Listings back

As a long time subscriber to the Dodge City Daily Globe, I’d like to thank you for your coverage of local news — summer sports, the county fair, the various Dodge City Days events, etc.  Once school starts coverage of area sports will begin  with other school events along with the Depot Theater activities to name just a few of the many varied happenings.

One thing I am concerned about is your dropping of the TV guide. Many people have depended on this for their TV viewing for a long time because they do not have the skills to go looking through all the programing on electronic devices. It’s too bad to eliminate the TV guide completely. 

Hopefully you can look into this.

Joanne Whelchel

Dodge City


Sorry for the error

I want to thank everyone who came out to vote in the primary for the DCCC Board of Trustees. There was a lot of activity surrounding Dodge City Days and having an election in the middle of that where there were so many candidates and issues, made this a challenging task. 

One of the issues in this campaign is maintaining accreditation of DCCC. The reason this is a hot topic is due to the fact that our college is falling short of several of the accreditation requirements, including a number of our faculty not having the appropriate credentials. 

This is a situation that is currently being addressed and our administration is working diligently in resolving the problems at hand. In addressing the issue in my campaign, I regrettably stated that DCCC was on probation with the Higher Learning Commission. I made this statement after misreading a piece of correspondence that I had received. 

I want to publicly apologize for this misstatement. I would never intentionally mislead anyone.  I believe in reviewing all relevant factual information when addressing any problem to make sure I am objective in my evaluation and I fully recognize the public's need for the same. I will hold myself accountable to this mission. 

I will also continue holding this administration accountable in working to resolve these issues to ensure our accreditation as well as accomplishing our mission of academic excellence.

Thank you.

Gary Harshberger

DCCC Trustee