Mikhayla DeMott/Queen and Jaylinn Pfeifer/Teen Queen

The 2018 Miss Rodeo Kansas and Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas have been crowned.

Mikhayla DeMott is the 2018 Miss Rodeo Kansas and Jaylinn Pfeifer is the 2018 Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas.

The winners were announced at Knights of Columbus on Saturday. Prior to that, the contestants also gave a speech at the Senior Center on Friday as well as participate in a horsemanship competition on Thursday.

“The pageant went really well,” said Katera Kemp, national director for the pageant. “We had a really exciting fashion show and then we had the coronation shortly after that where we crowned Miss Rodeo Kansas and Miss Rodeo Teen Kansas for 2018.”

DeMott, 22, is originally from Rio, Illinois. She recently graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s in agricultural communications and journalism with minors in mass communications and leadership studies. She is employed by the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education at K-State. She says she loves riding horses and competing in all things agriculture.

Pfeifer, 17, is from Ellis and currently resides on her family farm. She is an active in FFA and 4H and enjoys showing cattle and increasing her cow to calf operation.

“I think the winners are great girls, I am really excited to work with both of them next year,” said Kemp. “I think that they’ll be really awesome representatives for the state of Kansas.”

According to Kemp, the entire pageant was an overall success.

“We have a really awesome board of directors,” said Kemp. “Normally it takes all of us to put on a state-level pageant, so we had a lot of help with that, but everything went well.”

Kemp then showed gratitude toward the event sponsors.

“Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our pageant sponsors,” she said. “Dodge City Roundup obviously holds the franchise for Miss Rodeo Kansas, so they are a huge supporter of our pageant.”

After their coronation on Saturday, both crown winners signed their Miss Rodeo Kansas/Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas contract on Sunday, then headed back home.

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